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Amelup (Stirling Ranges)

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Photo Credi : Sharon Dawsons


A 1 1/2 hour return walk graded ‘easy’. No driving. We will explore the surrounding bushland and
show you some of the magnificent orchids found in the Stirling Ranges.

Over 50 species of Orchids have been discovered on our walks over the last few years.

We enjoy sharing our local knowledge on the flora, fauna and birdlife of the Stirling Ranges.

Please book in advance at or ph. 0419 751 801.
Camp Walk - Nature Trail Walk, Mabinup Creek
Time: 20 minutes circular. Distance: 2km
Track: Fire Break Difficulty: Easy
A great walk for the whole family, plenty of wildflowers, in season, and wildlife in the morning and evenings.
Camp Walk - Mabinup Track
Time: Up to to 3 hours return. Distance: Up to 8km
Track: Fire Break Difficulty: Easy
A great walk for the whole family, no hills. You return the same way, so you can only want to walk part of the way if you wish. In overgrown areas the track is
marked with orange tape on the fence line and in the trees.  You will find a trail map is in the Table Tennis Room.
Camp Walk to Mt Hassel
Time: 7 hours return. Distance: 16km approx.
Track: Firebreak/markers/road Difficulty: Medium - Hard
Walking to Mt Hassel from the Camp and back will take 7 hours and is a more difficult but rewarding walk.

You can take the Mabinup Track (see Mabinup Track Walk) to Stirling Range Drive and then walk along Stirling Range Drive to the base of Mt Hassel.

Margot and John Byrne - camp owners and hosts.
Local Tour Guide John Byrne.
1st September - 31st October - $25.00 per person ($35.00 for non campers).

Mt Hassel Walk
Time: 2 to 2.5 hours return. Distance: 4km return
Track: Well marked Difficulty: Medium
Mt Hassel doesn’t have as many steps as Mt Trio, but does have a
short scramble to the summit. You can drive to the Mt Hassel carpark
on Stirling Range Drive or leave for the Mt Hassel Walk from Mt Trio
Bush Camping & Caravan Park.

For the adventurous an ascent of Toolbrunup Peak can be made from Mt
Hassel via a saddle connecting the two mountains. This walk will take a
day and require awkward rock scrambling and crawling through bush
tunnels. For more information ask John. (7 hrs)
Toolbrunup Peak
Time: 3 to 4 hours return. Distance: 4km return
Track: Well marked Difficulty: Hard
Toolbrunup Peak is a more challenging walk than Bluff Knoll, but the
sense of achievement at reaching the peak and the views on the top are
certainly worth the effort…. a 360 degree magnificent view.
Mount Magog
Time: Day return. Distance: 8km return
Track: Pegs at end Difficulty: Hard
There is a lovely picnic spot area amongst Wandoo trees at the start of
the walk. There is a good walk trail at the start but it becomes hard walk
with some overgrown thick bush. There are pegs as markers for the final
kilometre to the summit.

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There are walks suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, but we ask our guests to take some basic precautions:
Take plenty of water and snacks with you!
Check the weather forecast and be prepared for changes in the weather conditions.
Wear appropriate clothing, including long pants, hat and supporting footwear. Be aware that weather conditions can change during your walk.
Take sunscreen.
Undertake walks suitable to your physical fitness, general state of health and experience.
Carry your possessions in a suitable back pack that is comfortable, leaving both hands free.
Photos courtesy of Jarrad Dawson
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Time: 2 to 3 hours return Distance: 3km return
Track: Marked Difficulty: Medium
This short but uncompromising walk tackles the mountain head on,
negotiating the rocky labyrinth surrounding the mountain top.
Stirling Range Ridge Walk
Time: 2 to 3 days return Distance: 19km return
Track: Vague and scant Difficulty: Very hard
This gruelling walk follows the ridge between Bluff Knoll and Ellen’s
Peak, traversing the most rugged mountain terrain that Western
Australia has to offer. You must register your walk at the Bluff Knoll
Road turnoff.
Click image to view a larger version.
Mt Trio
Time: 1.5 to 2.5 hours return. Distance: 3km return
Track: Well marked Difficulty: Medium
Bluff Knoll (Bular Mial)
Time: 3 to 4 hours return. Distance: 5km return
Track: Well marked Difficulty: Medium
Mt Trio is a terrific walk and is known as the flower mountain especially
during Spring. At an altitude of 856 m Mt Trio has a great vista. The walk
starts steeply with lots of steps but levels out at the halfway point to be
a pleasant walk.

The Stirling Ranges is one of the world’s most important areas for flora,
with 1,500 species packed within its boundaries.  More species occur in
the Stirling Range than in the entire British Isles and 87 plant species
found in the Stirling Range occur nowhere else on earth. 

The entrance to the Mt Trio walk is from Formby South Road, 6km south
of Salt River Road.
A very popular walk with all ages.  Even in the midst of winter many
people brave the elements to catch a rare glimpse of snow in Western
Australia at the top of Bluff Knoll.  A well constructed track climbs the
peak from the car park below the northern cliff face.  It traverses the foot
of the cliffs and breaches the escarpment at the saddle between Bluff
Knoll and Coyanarup Peak.